Friday, August 24, 2018

A Seagull Talked To Me Today

I parked my car beside the bay
The sign said please don't feed the seagulls
I enjoyed the view for a minute or two
when a large and older seagull walked, not flew,
but slowly, purposefully ambled up then stood there waiting by my window.

He patiently lingered as his white and gray feathers were ruffled and fingered
by the gusting chill wind
He looked up then away, never making eye contact,
obviously hoping for a morsel.

This expectation was indication
that the notice had been resisted,
and there had been some who had thrown a crumb
to feed the begging birds
I stayed warm in the car while the wind blew cold, and my feathery friend persisted.

I had no scrap to give him as I seldom eat in my vehicle
Had I something, would I have shared, considering the sign?
I don't know
but I don't know
I know that in standing and waiting, he was thus communicating,
so it's safe to say that in a way
a seagull talked to me today.

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